Microsoft Project Professional 2016 (Non-Profit License)

  • Minimum Order Information

    Microsoft stipulates that new customers must order a minimum of five (5) Microsoft non-profit licenses in order to qualify for this special discounted pricing. Orders that do not follow this guideline will be voided and refunded. You may mix and match any combination of Microsoft licenses to achieve this minimum, but you need to have five total. This minimum must only be met once per two years. Minimum order requirements will be waived if a valid software agreement number is provided at the time of ordering.

    Please note that Microsoft downloads are delivered as ISO files, and must be burned to a CD before they can be used and installed. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or check our licensing resource.

    License Processing and Delivery

    These licenses are discounted for 501(c)3 charity organizations. Churches and non-profits must submit their 501(c)3 documentation to verify non-profit status before order processing can occur. Do this via fax (our fax #: 888-930-4851), responding to the order confirmation e-mail, or by uploading the document at the order confirmation page.

    Microsoft licenses are custom created for your organization and will be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center when finished. You receive one (1) installation per license. This is a fully-featured license from Microsoft; there are no differences between this product and the commercially priced version.

    Because these are custom licenses, there are no refunds for this product.


    How to get discounted Microsoft non-profit licensing at Tech Crawl


  • Microsoft Project Professional 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft's Project Professional software. It allows you to easily plan projects and maintain schedules and finances.

    One license permits one user to install and use the software. Each license also provides one device client access license (CAL) that can be used with Microsoft Project Server 2016 (purchased separately). A device CAL allows one device to access the services of Project Server regardless of the number of users (e.g. a shared workstation). Additional licensing information is available below under the 'Licensing' section.


    Benefits for Non-Profits and Churches

    Use Microsoft Project Professional 2016 to:

    • Schedule important tasks 
    • Easily allocate resources
    • Track project progress
    • Share various project details


    Major Capabilities

    • Project Standard capabilities and more: In addition to providing you all the features of Project Standard, you also get at-a-glance resource management tools, Project Server integration via device CALs, and SharePoint team collaboration tools.
    • Automatic or manual scheduling: By implementing factors like project duration, dependencies, and constraints, you can forecast the date of a task. User-controlled scheduling also makes it possible to give you complete scheduling control over a project.
    • SharePoint synchronization: Publish project schedules to SharePoint task lists so team members can update task statuses and progress on their own. Team member updates will automatically synchronize with Project schedules.
    • Team Planner: To simplify complex resource scenarios, you can now drag-and-drop resources and identify unassigned or unscheduled work quickly.
    • Enterprise project management features: Integrate with Project Server 2016 and Project Web App to visualize performance and enhance the control you have across all work types.


    Downgrade Rights

    By purchasing Microsoft Project Professional 2016 you are eligible to install prior versions of the program at no additional cost (i.e. you can install Microsoft Project Professional 2013 instead of 2016). 



    As a licensed user, you may install and use the software on a single machine (desktop or laptop).