Microsoft Office Professional 2021 (Non-Profit License)

  • Ordering Information

    One license allows one installation on one machine. This is a perpetual license, so you buy it once and own it forever. No reoccuring fees.

    Please note that Microsoft downloads are ISO files acessible from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center, and may need to be burned to a CD before they can be installed**. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or check our licensing resource.

    License Processing and Delivery

    This license is discounted for 501(c)(3) charities. We will need your 501(c)(3) documentation to verify your non-profit status before we can process your order. To do so, you can fax us (#: 888-930-4851), email us, respond to the order confirmation e-mail, or by uploading your documents after you place your order (you will be redirected to a page to do so automatically).

    Microsoft licenses are custom created for your organization by Microsoft; they are not generated by Tech Crawl, so order fulfillment is not immediate. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery. After your order is processed, Microsoft will send you an e-mail with instructions on how you can find your serial key and access your download. Please note you may be required to burn the program to a CD before you can install it**.

    Because these are custom licenses, there are no refunds for this product. Please choose carefully.


    How to get discounted Microsoft non-profit licensing at Tech Crawl


    ** Machines with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 can install the program without burning to a CD by right-clicking on the downloaded file.

  • Microsoft Office Professional is the latest version of the Microsoft Office Professional suite. Non-profits and church organizations are eligible to purchase this software at a discounted rate.

    You will be purchasing one license. A license allows a single user to install and use the software. Additional licensing information is available below under the 'Licensing' section.

    Benefits for Non-Profits and Churches

    Use Office Professional to:

    • Write, edit, or share documents
    • Track, highlight, and present data trends using a variety of charts and graphs
    • Create presentations to engage your audience


    Included Applications

    Office Professional 2020 includes 10 programs:

    • Word: a flexible, fully-featured word processor.
    • Excel: a spreadsheet program with data analysis and tools to visualize and present trends.
    • Outlook: an e-mail manager that integrates important scheduled tasks with contacts, e-mails, and calendar dates.
    • PowerPoint : a presentation program with text, graphics, animations, and sound capabilities.
    • Publisher: a desktop publishing program used to create publications with a wide variety of layouts.
    • OneNote: allows team members to share notes through a variety of content (images, videos, text) between one another.
    • SkyDrive Pro: allows teams to collaborate by sharing files, attending online meetings, and using Cloud collaboration tools.
    • InfoPath: gather information using web browsers or via e-mail.
    • Lync: allows users to talk to each other using instant messaging, voice chat, or video chat.
    • Access: a relational database management system that tracks and report information.



    Major Capabilities

    • Multiple file format support: Save or export files as PDF or XPS documents without needing to install or download additional plug-ins.
    • Web integration: Use Office Web Apps to allow your team to co-author or review a file concurrently. 
    • SkyDrive Cloud storage: Store your files in the cloud and edit them anywhere akin to Google Docs.



    As the the licensed user, you can install and use the software on one computer (laptop or desktop).