Avid Musition 4 (Student)

Musition is a comprehensive music theory and fundamentals package for students of all ages and abilities. Musition's interactive teaching makes learning music theory fun and easy. Structured drills and immediate feedback create a stimulating learning environment, so students to achieve their maximum potential. Complete with 34 topics and sophisticated record keeping features, Musition is the ultimate music theory training and testing tool that includes structured drills and immediate feedback!

Musition 4 - Key features:

  • Music theory training & testing
  • Automatic assessment saves hours
  • For all ages & ability levels
  • Hundreds of exercises in 34 topics
  • Ideal for exam preparation
  • Create your own levels to suit your students' abilities
  • Customize content to suit a specific syllabus
  • Cross-platform for both Windows and Mac OS X

Musition is ideal for schools, colleges, universities, and anyone learning or teaching an instrument.

Musition's Hundreds of exercises and interactive tests cover all levels from beginner to advanced, and are grouped into 34 topics, such as:

  • Tap a rhythm with the space bar
  • Identify pitches on treble, bass and C-clefs
  • Identify key signatures, chords & inversions
  • Identify scales & modes, and correct wrong notes
  • Range and transposition of instruments