Adobe Dimension (Nonprofit License)

  • License Processing & Delivery

    These licenses are discounted for 501(c)3 charity organizations. Churches and nonprofits must submit 501(c)3 documentation to verify nonprofit status before the order can be processed. To submit 501(c)3 documentation, respond to the order confirmation e-mail or by uploading the document at the order confirmation page.

    Adobe Creative Cloud licenses are annual subscriptions. During your subscription period, you can assign, transfer, or remove the license from a user of your choice through Adobe's admin console.


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    If you have any questions, please contact us at or check our licensing resource.

  • With Adobe Dimension, designers can unleash their creativity and explore the limitless possibilities of 3D design, whether they're creating product packaging, architectural renderings, or marketing materials. The software provides a seamless workflow that enables users to import assets from Adobe Stock or other sources, or create custom 3D models using familiar 2D design tools.


    Benefits for Nonprofits and Churches

    Use Adobe Dimension to:

    • Create stunning 3D visuals with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that does not require extensive 3D modeling skills
    • Easily experiment with different designs, materials, and lighting setups in real-time to achieve the desired look and feel for projects
    • Import assets and designs from Creative Cloud or other tools and collaborate with others in a more efficient manner
    • Create and export photorealistic 3D imagery that can be used across various mediums, from print to web and mobile devices, uysing Dimension's fast rendering engine



    This product is an annual subscription that needs to be renewed to maintain access to the program. A subscription license gives users access to the latest version of the software, updates, and cloud services. It's a good option for those who want to pay a lower upfront cost, need access to new features, and prefer an easy way to manage their licenses.

    You can install and use the software on two machines. You may not run the software simultaneously on both the primary and secondary computers.