Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Renewal Guide

Have you just received an e-mail from Adobe telling you that it's time to renew your Adobe Creative Cloud license? Have you combed the entirety of the VIP admin console and are still scratching your head, having found no information on how to renew? Look no further -- here's your definitive guide on how to renew your Adobe Creative Cloud licenses.

On this page, you'll find out how to:
  • Find your VIP, total licenses to be renewed, and users
  • Where to place your renewal order
  • (Optional): Adding additional (or removing existing) licenses for the new year
  • Renewing but transitioning from user license to device license (or vice versa)
  • Change administrators
  • I ordered a license 6 months before my anniversary date (and other examples)

Finding your VIP number, total licenses to be renewed, and users
Your Adobe VIP renewal notice includes both your VIP number and the total amount of licenses that are allocated on your account and need to be renewed.

However, if you need to find out who is assigned what license to plan your renewals, you can do so through the admin console. Head over to The Sign In link is in the top navigation bar of most pages. The login name is most likely the e-mail that received the renewal notice. If you’re already signed in, click your name in the top navigation bar, then Manage Team in the navigation pane. The Manage your team page opens up.

Where to place the renewal order
Your renewal order, like the original order, must be placed with Tech Crawl and not with Adobe. To place a renewal order, head to the product page of an Adobe license and choose 'Renewal license' from the dropdown menu. Renewals cost the exact same as buying a new license.

You have 30 days after your anniversary date to renew, but after that your licenses will be permanently removed. All orders past that point must be processed as a new license and reassigned to a user (if a user license) or redeployed (if a device license).

If you're concerned as to whether you've renewed all your licenses or not, note that users making incomplete or partial renewals will be alerted by Adobe once the order is procesed.

(Optional): Adding additional (or removing existing) licenses for the new year
To add additional licenses, simply add the license to your cart and make sure that no renewal option is selected from the dropdown menu.

We do not store your credit card information, so any renewals must be placed manually and authorized on your end. To cancel a license, you don't need to do anything. The license will drop off on its own 30 days after your anniversary date. 

Transitioning from user license to device license (or vice versa) during a renewal period
As of now (8/2017), Adobe does not have a system to transition users from a user license to device license or vice versa. If you're an existing VIP customer and have one license type and want to switch to another during the renewal period, order the license type you're interested in switching to. The order will be processed as a new license and will need to be assigned to someone or deployed to a machine, depending on what license you want. 

30 days from your anniversary date, your old licenses -- having not be renewed --will be removed, and you'll be left only with your new licenses.

Change administrators
If you need to change administrators, please follow this guide. Please note: if you are a secondary administrator, and your primary administrator is unavailable to make the change, you must contact Adobe support directly. All other changes can be made as a primary administrator on your own.

Placing the renewal order
If you would like to change resellers during your anniversary period, please contact Adobe customer support. To expedite the process, be ready to reference your VIP number.

I ordered a license x months after my anniversary date.
Per Adobe's policy, all licenses allocated to your VIP account expire on the same (anniversary) date, regardless of when they were ordered. The rationale is that it makes it easier for budgeting made when only one date needs to be remembered, rather than having to juggle multiple ones. All licenses are ordered a month after the anniversary date are prorated. If you need an updated invoice, please use the contact forum to request one.