Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise - 2 Core Pack (Non-Profit License)

SQL Server 2022 Enterprise does not require Client Access Licenses (CALs) if it is licensed per core. Instead, the organization would need to purchase a license for each physical or virtual processor core in the server on which SQL Server 2022 Enterprise is installed. The number of licenses required depends on the number of processor cores in the server.

A minimum of 4 cores must be licensed.

Benefits of SQL Server 2022 Enterprise

  • High Performance: SQL Server 2022 Enterprise includes features such as in-memory OLTP and columnstore indexes that can significantly improve the performance of queries and transactions. This can be especially useful for nonprofits that need to process large amounts of data quickly.

  • Availability: SQL Server 2022 Enterprise includes advanced high availability features such as Always On Availability Groups and failover clustering that can help minimize downtime and ensure data availability in case of hardware or software failures.

  • Security: SQL Server 2022 Enterprise includes robust security features such as Always Encrypted, row-level security, and dynamic data masking that can help protect sensitive information and comply with data privacy regulations.

  • Scalability: SQL Server 2022 Enterprise supports larger amounts of memory and processing power than the Standard edition, allowing nonprofits to handle larger databases and more concurrent users.

  • Business Intelligence: SQL Server 2022 Enterprise includes advanced business intelligence features such as Master Data Services, Data Quality Services, and PolyBase that can help nonprofits gain deeper insights into their operations and make better decisions based on their data.