Windows Server 2022 Datacenter 2-Core License (Non-Profit License)

  • How many licenses do I need?

    Use the following equation:
    __ processors x __ cores per processor
    Then divide it by 2 to get how many licenses you need. Please note that a minimum of 8 licenses is required.

    Please note that Microsoft downloads are delivered as ISO files, and may need to be burned to a CD before they installed**. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form or check our licensing resource.

    License Processing and Delivery

    These licenses are discounted for 501(c)3 charity organizations. Churches and non-profits must submit their 501(c)3 documentation to verify non-profit status before the order can be processed. Do this via fax (our fax #: 888-930-4851), responding to the order confirmation e-mail, or by uploading the document at the order confirmation page.

    Microsoft licenses are custom created for your organization by Microsoft; they are not generated by Tech Crawl, so order fulfillment is not immediate. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery. After your order is processed, Microsoft will send you an e-mail with instructions on how you can find your serial key and access your product download via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center. Please note you may be required to burn the program to a CD before you can install it**. No media is currently available from our website, but you can purchase it directly from Microsoft after your order has been fulfilled.

    You'll receive one (1) installation per license. This is a fully-featured license from Microsoft; there are no differences between this product and the commercially priced version.

    Because these are custom licenses, there are no refunds for this product. Please choose carefully.


    How to get discounted Microsoft non-profit licensing at Tech Crawl


    ** Machines with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 can install the program without burning to a CD by right-clicking on the downloaded file.

  • Like Microsoft Server Standard, Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter allows a computer to act as a print, web, and/or file server. 

    Core licenses are sold in packs of two (a 2-pack of Core Licenses), and packs of 16 (a 16-pack of Core Licenses). Each processor needs to be licensed with a minimum of eight core licenses (four 2-packs).

    Benefits for Non-Profits and Churches

    Use Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter to:

    • Optimize the workloads of your server
    • Efficiently create testing environments
    • Operate multiple servers or operating systems on a single server


    Major Capabilities

    • Server management: Server roles are easier than ever to maintain, manage, and protect. Multiple servers can be merged within a single console.
    • Failover clustering: Your server is continuously available and easily scalable, so service disruptions for your organization are minimal. 
    • Integrated web publishing applications: Windows Server 2012 integrates Internet Information Services (IIS), ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, and SharePoint Services so that you have one complete platform for web publishing.
    • Application server: Deploy and run user applications built with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. 
    • Server virtualization: Hyper-V can create and manage virtual server environments. Native Hyper-V Replica tools lets you copy virtual machines from one location to another without requiring storage arrays or shared storage.
    • DirectAccess: Given permission, you can access the server from any computer or mobile device for off-site access to files, on-site equipment, and other resources.




    The minimum number of licenses required is 2 per physical server. 

    Each Server Datacenter license allows you to run an unlimited amount of servers in a virtual environment.