Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 (Non-Profit License)

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 is an advanced, comprehensive solution for churches and non-profits looking to create an effective web presence to deliver their mission statement. In addition to web page content, you can also create and collaborate on various documents, lists, and calendars. Foster groups and communities to attract like-minded individuals that can share in your cause by utilizing SharePoint's social feeds and mobile device support. SharePoint also provides you with advanced tools so you can manage how your organization shares content and collaborates in-house. A library of free plug-ins -- promoted by Microsoft or produced by third party developers -- is embedded within the software to allow you to fully customize how your organization delivers its message.

    This license provides SharePoint Server 2016 and no client access licenses (CALs). For additional licensing information, refer to the 'Licensing' information below. More client access licenses may also be purchased.

    Benefits for Non-Profits and Churches

    Use Microsoft SharePoint Server to:

    • Create an effective brand and web presence for your organization
    • Create a central, secure location to store all of your important documents
    • Collaborate on the same documents with your colleagues in real time
    • Establish a social feed for your organization to engage your colleagues, volunteers, and others interested in promoting your mission statement
    • Search for relevant keywords and pull up all relevant results from every computer networked in your organization through one simple interface


    Major Capabilities

    • Social Feeds: Through SharePoint Server, you can create mediums that make collaboration in-house faster and easier. Users will be able to set up blogs, user profile pages, RSS feeds, wikis, and more.
    • Improved content management: SharePoint Server 2013 features a variety of powerful and effective tools to give you full control over your organization's goals and content management; it's never been easier to find and access information on a website or a network of computers. IT administrators can create specific categories, phrases, and other classification tools so that members of your organizations can tag documents with them. Alternatively, you can allow your content writers to tag the documents with their own keywords -- or do both!
    • Mobile Device Support: Now with even more integrated mobile device support, you'll be able to have full access to your organization's documents at your fingertips wherever you are. Edit documents directly from any mobile device.


    Downgrade Rights

    By purchasing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, you are also eligible to install prior versions of the program for free (i.e. you can install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010). 


    Client Access Licenses (CALs)

    Server device or a user CAL is required for each device or user accessing or using the server software. SharePoint Server comes with 5 CALs by default; additional CALs can be purchased separately.



    SharePoint Server is a server application to be used in conjunction with a server operating system. For each instance of Exchange Server, you must also have a Windows Server license.