Microsoft Non-profit & Church Licensing

Non-profits & churches get discounted
Microsoft non-profit licensing!

501(c)3 churches, charities, and non-profits are entitled to the discounted Microsoft non-profit licensing prices seen below. These are fully featured perpetual licenses available under Microsoft’s charity licensing program and are delivered via download by Microsoft. Since these are not donated products, there are no restrictions that bar an organization from purchasing. All we require is that you upload your 501(c)3 documentation after placing your order.


5 License Minimum
To qualify for Microsoft’s non-profit licensing, some licenses require that you purchase a minimum of five Microsoft non-profit licenses the first time you order. Please check the specific product page of the program you're interested in for more details. Orders that do not follow this guideline will be voided and refunded. Any combination of Microsoft licenses can be mixed and match to fulfill this minimum. This minimum must be met once per two years. Minimum order requirements can be waived if a valid software agreement number is provided.


Downgrade Rights
Are you looking for a previous version of a Microsoft non-profit license? No problem. Each license can be downgraded to up to two versions prior. As an example: if you purchase Microsoft Office Standard 2013, when you go download your products, you'll have the option to download three versions of Microsoft Office Standard: 2013, 2010, or 2007. This feature comes at no additional cost.


Electronic delivery
Delivery occurs after Microsoft verifies your non-profit status and custom creates your licenses (3-5 business days). Instructions on how you can access your downloads and serial keys will be delivered to the e-mail you register with us. Microsoft delivers their licenses in .ISO format; after downloading, you'll need to burn the program to a CD or virtually mount the downloaded file before installation can occur.
501(c)3 documentation
Your 501(c)3 is a federal document issued by the IRS stipulating that your non-profit doesn't have to pay federal taxes. This is not the same as the sales tax exemption form that you receive from your respective state; it should have the IRS letterhead on it. For an example of what a 501(c)3 looks like, .