Adobe Stock CC (Nonprofit License)

Adobe Stock is a stock photo and graphics marketplace where users can buy and sell high-quality photos, illustrations, videos, and templates. It is integrated with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, allowing designers and creatives to easily search and use high-quality visuals in their projects.

With millions of assets to choose from, including exclusive content from leading photographers and artists, you'll find everything you need to bring your vision to life and stand out from the crowd. Nonprofits and church organizations can buy this program at a discounted price (seen above).

A license allows all users from your organization to access the allotted amount (chosen from teh dropdown menu above) of images per month.

Benefits for Nonprofits and Churches

Use Adobe Stock to:

  • Access to a vast collection of high-quality photos, videos, and illustrations to enhance their marketing materials
  • Time and cost savings by avoiding the need for expensive custom photo or video shoots
  • Contribute your own creative content to Adobe Stock and potentially generate revenue for their organization
  • Integrate with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications for seamless design workflow


Annual Subscription

This product is an annual subscription that needs to be renewed to maintain access to the program.