Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams (Non-Profit)

    User vs. Device License

    User licenses allow an individual to use the program on different machines. This is the best option if your user wants to use the program on computers at different locations (e.g. at work and at home). User licenses get two installations and one login credential (a username/password combination) per license. The two installation limit is reset every time you uninstall the program (i.e. you can uninstall the program from one machine to get an installation back). Only one instance of the program can be active at any time.

    Device licenses allow anyone using a specifically licensed computer to use the program. This is the best option if multiple users share a multimedia machine at your non-profit. Device licenses get one installation per license.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams is the newest generation of CS tools that gives you unlimited access to the entire collection of Adobe products, as well as Cloud-only features. Non-profits and church organizations are eligible to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams at a discounted, non-profit rate.

    This is a one year non-profit subscription license to Adobe Creative Cloud. A license allows a single user to install and use the software while your subscription is intact. Additional licensing information is available below under the 'Licensing' section.

    Benefits for Non-Profits and Churches

    Use Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams to:

    • Create meaningful images and publications to drive your nonprofit's mission statement with Adobe's entire software line at your disposal (e.g. Dreamweaver, Muse, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more)
    • Design your organization's website without a programmer's help using Adobe Creative Cloud's exclusives, Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge
    • Access Adobe programs that you only need occasionally but could never have justified paying for in the past
    • Save your organization money; Adobe Creative Cloud is cost effective over time since cloud products are updated regularly. Your organization will always stay up-to-date with new technologies and tools 
    • Easily manage your budget for software purchases as a constant expense rather than large unpredictable investments
    • Easily integrate and train new staff members while diminishing the learning curves between applications
    • Save your IT staff time by centralizing location and management of various Adobe applications in one easily managed console. You can add, delete, or transfer licenses between members of your organization.
    • Store your organization's information using Adobe's Cloud server and access your files from anywhere
    • Get one-on-one training with an Adobe product specialist (redeemable twice per year)


    Major Capabilities

    • Access to ALL Adobe programs and Cloud-only features: The possibilities are endless. Your organization will have access to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat XI Pro, Dreamweaver, and Muse (among others) to design and create rich images, documents, videos, music, and websites to promote your organization's message. 
    • Maintain your software investment: With Adobe Creative Cloud, you are entitled to any and all upgrades at no additional cost. Your nonprofit will always have the latest tools and never have to worry about cross-compatibility issues within the office again. Some programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, have already transitioned successfully to the cloud and boast new, robust features.
    • Publish rich website layout and content: With Adobe's new Muse program, you can build HTML websites for the web and mobile devices quickly and intuitively without prior coding knowledge. Just drag, drop, click, and publish. You can also use Dreamweaver - or both.
    • Collect data with fillable PDF forms: Create fillable forms from scanned paper, PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets. Filled-out forms can be collected into a searchable, sortable, PDF package, and their data can be exported into a spreadsheet.
    • Exclusive access to new learning content, including getting started videos and tutorials: Access over 200 tutorials presented by Adobe and other leading training partners so you can learn the best way to utilize Adobe's tools and services to benefit your organization. New videos are added regularly. 
    • Join and learn from the Adobe creative community: Get your non-profit's face out there using the integrated sharing features in Adobe Creative Cloud. Share your portfolio, get feedback, and present your organization's message to millions of people -- including top industry journalists and creative organizations that share your passion.



    You can install and use the software on a secondary computer (laptop or desktop) for 2 installations total. You do not have to have the same operating system on both computers (i.e. you can install on Windows and Mac operating system simultaneously). You may not run the software simultaneously on both machines.

    This is a subscription license; your membership will need to be renewed every year for you to use the program. If you choose not to renew, you will still have access to the Cloud storage under the free level of membership. You will have a 90 days to download your files to a local machine and delete files to get your cloud storage down to 2GB. Additional storage options can be purchased separately. If more than 2GB are in your cloud storage after 90 days, you may lose access to some or all of your files. Files you've saved on your computer will still be accessible and can still be opened with compliant software (i.e. you can open the files you made using the Cloud products with your previous Adobe licenses if they happen to be compatible). 


  • Adobe Creative Cloud is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. For system requirements, please refer to the individual product that you're interested in, as each product has their own requirements.

    What programs are included?

    • Photoshop CC - image editing and compositing
    • Illustrator CC - vector graphics and illustration
    • InDesign CC - page design, layout, and publishing
    • Dreamweaver CC - website, app design, and coding
    • After Effects CC - cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
    • Premiere Pro CC - video production and editing
    • Muse CC - website design without coding
    • Acrobat Pro DC
    • Audition CC
    • Bridge CC
    • Encore
    • Fireworks
    • Flash Builder Premium
    • Flash Professional CC
    • InCopy CC
    • Lightroom
    • Media Endoder CC
    • Prelude CC
    • SpeedGrade CC
    • 100 GB of cloud storage (user licenses only)
    • One-on-one personalized support with an Adobe product expert (can be redeemed 2x per year)
    • Free updates to all programs listed above
  • What is Adobe Creative Cloud?
    Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor to Adobe CS6, and is the newest generation of Adobe products. For an annual fee, non-profits and churches can get access to the entire Adobe collection of products (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and more) that are regularly updated, training modules, 100GB of free cloud storage when purchasing a user license, and one-on-one training sessions with an Adobe product expert. Adobe Creative Cloud also gets you innovative Cloud-only apps such as: Adobe Muse, an intuitive and powerful what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) website design program that lets you create websites without programming knowledge. Additionally, you are entitled to any new upgrades or features that are released during your subscription period for no additional cost.

    Do I need ongoing internet access to use Creative Cloud?
    No. The only time you need Internet access is when you are initially downloading and installing the Creative Cloud apps. The programs will be installed directly on your computer. After that, the program will attempt to "phone home" once every 30 days to check your subscription status. You can still use the program for 99 days (3 months) even if you're offline.

    What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud?
    It'll be easier for you to manage licenses using the new Value Incentive Plan (VIP Plan) administrative console. You can add, remove, or transfer licenses to a user at your discretion. It'll be cheaper for you to maintain your software as Adobe has stated that they will be suspending perpetual license development indefinitely; any new upgrades or features will be released to customers on the cloud only. You'll have the entire arsenal of Adobe products at your disposal and a large library of training modules to learn how to utilize these tools for your organization. You'll also get two one-on-one training sessions with an Adobe product expert. Adobe Creative Cloud is cost-effective and you can treat your software as a yearly expense, rather than a large, unpredictable investment that could be rendered ineffectual when new upgrades are released.

    Do I need to install every single Adobe product?
    No. You can pick and choose which programs to install at your leisure.

    What is the Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?
    The VIP is Adobe's new membership-based buying program that allows Creative Cloud purchasers to immediately download and deploy their subscription-based products while the billing cycle is in progress. This type of immediate fulfillment means that you no longer have to wait to receive a serial key and can start using your products as soon as you are assigned a seat or license.

    How many installations do I get?
    With each license you receive two (2) installations. You can install the program on either a Mac or Windows computer. If you install it twice, you can only have one installation active at any given time -- these licenses cannot be active concurrently.

    Will perpetual licenses still be available?
    Yes. Perpetual licenses will be available indefinitely but will not be upgraded.

    Will all my files be lost if I don't pay?
    If you cancel your paid membership, you will still have access to the Cloud storage under the free level of membership (which provides 2GB of storage). You will have a 90-day grace period to download your files to your local machine and delete online files to get your cloud storage down to 2GB. You can purchase additional storage separately if you choose. If you leave more than 2GB of files in your cloud storage for more than 90 days, you may lose access to some or all of your files. If you save the files onto your computer, you'll still retain access and will be able to open them with compliant software.

    Is there a trial version?
    Yes. A trial version is available for users that would like to see how the Cloud can benefit them. You will also receive 2 GB of free storage, free levels of Adobe service and access to the entire collection of Adobe products.