Sneak peek: Adobe InDesign CC

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InDesign is a professional page layout software for either print or digital publishing. You can create any time of layout - simple or complex - with precise precision and efficiency and an intuitive design interface. It is tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Flash Professional, which keeps your workflows productive. InDesign CC is designed for anyone who works with any type of layout or print materials such as organization newsletters, letterhead publishers, catalogs companies, and more.


With that said, the newest version of InDesign - dubbed InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) from InDesign CS6 - has a short preview out that demos a new feature: the ability to generate QR codes. A QR ("Quick Response") code is a bar code can store plain text, phone numbers, web URLs, or e-mail addresses to be scanned and read by a cell phone. Simply put, a QR code stores a large amount of information in one compact box that's unobtrusive to the rest of a page design, and even redirect a mobile browser to go to a certain page for more information. You can inject or edit QR codes directly in any document using the new command found in the Object menu.

The new QR code feature for InDesign CC.


InDesign CC also boasts native Cocoa app with full 64-bit integration and a customizable darkable interface, similar to the one that exists now in Photoshop CS6. There will also be support for HiDPI retina displays like iPads.

The new CC apps such as InDesign CC and will be available exclusively to members in June 2013.

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