How to get Creative Cloud discs/DVDs/CDs for your church or non-profit

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud is so great because it gives your church or non-profit organization access to every Adobe product at an affordable price! However, we’ve consistently been asked questions about this product and have noticed a trend that we’ll be attempting to address in this blog post. (As a side note, remember that Adobe has since discontinued updating their line of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) products and have pushed all of the newest versions onto the Creative Cloud.)

Here are some common scenarios that we’re attempting to address:

  1. Non-profits with slow or inconsistent Internet speeds need to download multi-gigabyte (3 GB+) to get started.
  2. Non-profits that have access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection, but would also like to install the Creative Cloud software on a different machine that may not have the same Internet connectivity
  3. Individuals that want to have backup copies of CC installers, so they don’t have to re-download everything in the event of reinstallation, installing on other machines, etc.
  4. People that have difficulty interacting with the Creative Cloud Desktop application manager or want to download their tools without using it.

If your non-profit or church falls into any one of these groups, then we have the solution for you!

To solve issues 2, 3, and 4, all you need to do is copy this link: and replace the word ‘Illustrator’ with the program you’re looking for. For example, if you wanted Photoshop, you’d replace “Illustrator” with “Photoshop.” If you wanted Adobe Acrobat, you’d replace the word “Illustrator” with “Acrobat.” From there, you just click the “Download trial” button. Keep in mind that Adobe recommends that you turn off any restrictions that your browser may have on your surfing habits; this means that you should temporarily turn off your cookie blockers, firewalls, and various anti-virus/anti-malware software.

If you would like to order an Adobe Creative Cloud CD/DVD/disc from Adobe, all you need to do is have an existing Cloud membership. Then you can simply contact them (via live chat), explain your situation, and they’ll be more than happy to ship you a CD. Once you install the programs from the disc onto your computer, you’ll need to have internet connection for about five minutes so the program can validate your membership. And that’s it!

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams is available for churches and non-profits at a discounted rate.

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Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 now available to churches and non-profits

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Just this morning, Adobe announced Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12, the successor to their popular photo and video editing tools.  The new version of these programs heavily features Adobe’s Revel service; it’s a comprehensive cloud photo storage solution that allows members of your organization to share, sync, organize, and edit photos and videos from anywhere by using the cloud. You’ll also be able to share your photos more easily on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. There are also a handful of new features guaranteed to not only increase your editing repertoire, but also give you more powerful tools to transform your photos into conversational pieces.

What’s New in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements 12 presents new and improved options for you to perfect and enhance your photos so you can share your organization’s special moments with everyone. This newest version also expands on toolbar functionality; you can tell the program what level of editing you’re most comfortable with (between Quick, Guided, and Expert modes) and it’ll adjust dynamically for you.

Here’s a list of new functionalities that can empower your non-profit or church:

  • Improved mobile functionality: All of your Elements photo can easily be shared on any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. It also works backwards! You can unlock photo from your mobile device and see them in your Elements album whenever you get back to your non-profit.
  • Improved sharing features: You’ll be able to quickly and easily share your Elements photos in Private Web albums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This in turn will allow you to seamlessly strengthen your web presence, and alert more people to your mission statement and cause.
  • Content Aware Move: Ever take a photo and just wish you could move something just a tiny bit to get that perfect picture? Now you can! Content Aware Move lets you move specific objects in a photo. The program will fill in the background automatically, so your photo will look natural and unedited.
  • Add depth to your photos: The new Elements has various Frames, Effects, and Textures that you can add to give your pictures extra oomph. Move over Instagram!
  • Corrective pet eye functionalities: Just like how you remove red-eye in pictures of people, you’ll now be able to remove greens, yellows, and other hues discoloring your pets’ eyes to get that flawless photo.
  • Speed up your workflow: Elements’ Auto Smart Tone will eventually learn your preferences and how you edit, so every future photo correction will be more intelligent and fast.


What’s New in Premiere Elements 12

Premiere Elements 12 provides extra tools and features for you to transform your photos into memorable movies and presentations. It also includes a new Guided Edit introduction to give you a crash course in video editing, trimming frames, adding background music or animations, and more.

 Here’s a list of new functionalities that your non-profit or church can take advantage of:

  • Improved mobile functionality: Just like in Photoshop Elements 12, you can take your videos with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to share your videos with everyone by directly streaming from your phone.
  • Novice friendly: Premiere Elements 12 provides an intuitive interface and a simple crash course for users new to video editing. Its Guided Edits will give you a step-by-step so that you can learn advanced editing techniques to create polished presentations and movies to deliver your mission statement.
  • Hollywood effects and styles: Included are hundreds of Hollywood effects and styles that you can add to your movies to increase how professional and reputable your organization’s videos are.
  • Add music: Featuring over 50 musical scores and 250 sound effects, Premiere Elements 12 gives you a huge collection of clips that you can use to add depth, drama, and suspense to enthrall your audiences.
  • Highlight your subject: With the help of improved Motion Tracking functionalities, any graphics, effects, or text that you add to a subject will move along with them in every frame.
  • Improved sharing features: Debut your videos on YouTube, your own website, or Vimeo. Premiere Elements 12 will automatically optimize and format your movie for your destination, so you won’t have to worry about losing resolution. Your movies will always look great!

As always, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 is available to non-profit organizations and churches at special non-profit pricing. You can purchase just Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, Adobe Premiere Elements 12, or both as a bundle.

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Alternatives to Adobe's Cloud

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To those users that are looking for alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud, look no further!

Corel, the creators of Draw Graphics Suite X6, Paintshop Pro, and Painter 12, are giving a 30 day risk free trials for their products. For a limited time, they're also giving a discount for users looking to move from Adobe to Corel products. Users with Adobe CS4 or later, Photoshop, or Illustrator have until August 30, 2013 to take advantage of this offer. All you need to do is give them your Adobe serial key after you've bought the product and they'll send you more instructions.

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6, Paintshop Pro, and Painter 12 all serve as alternatives to Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

501(c)3 non-profits, charity organizations, students, and teachers also qualify for the academic version of Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 and Corel Painter 12. These are the exact same products as their retail counterparts with zero differences!

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Sneak peek: Adobe InDesign CC

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InDesign is a professional page layout software for either print or digital publishing. You can create any time of layout - simple or complex - with precise precision and efficiency and an intuitive design interface. It is tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Flash Professional, which keeps your workflows productive. InDesign CC is designed for anyone who works with any type of layout or print materials such as organization newsletters, letterhead publishers, catalogs companies, and more.


With that said, the newest version of InDesign - dubbed InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) from InDesign CS6 - has a short preview out that demos a new feature: the ability to generate QR codes. A QR ("Quick Response") code is a bar code can store plain text, phone numbers, web URLs, or e-mail addresses to be scanned and read by a cell phone. Simply put, a QR code stores a large amount of information in one compact box that's unobtrusive to the rest of a page design, and even redirect a mobile browser to go to a certain page for more information. You can inject or edit QR codes directly in any document using the new command found in the Object menu.

The new QR code feature for InDesign CC.


InDesign CC also boasts native Cocoa app with full 64-bit integration and a customizable darkable interface, similar to the one that exists now in Photoshop CS6. There will also be support for HiDPI retina displays like iPads.

The new CC apps such as InDesign CC and will be available exclusively to members in June 2013.

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The new Adobe Photoshop CC

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Reiterating , Adobe is shifting all its efforts on Creative Cloud and putting a hold on its perpetual licensing development indefinitely. The only perpetual Adobe licenses that will be available are those that are out right now, so if you're uncomfortable with the idea of moving forward with the subscription model, you can rest assured that CS6 will become and remain the baseline for all Adobe products.To get the newest Adobe products you'll have to subscribe to the Cloud, and consequently, the familiar Creative Suites (CS) are being rebranded to Creative Cloud (CC).

Adobe has unveiled the newest generation of Photoshop; from Photoshop CS6 comes Photoshop CC. It boasts a number of new upgrades, but the main ones are the new camera blur reduction/sharpening tool, new Camera Raw functionailities, and the merging of features that were found in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Extended CS6, including the 3D and image analysis tools. Below are some of the new features of Photoshop CC:

Photoshop CC's new camera shake reduction feature

Highlights: with the camera shake reduction, Photoshop CC can use fancy algorithms to intelligently auto detect the path of the blur and use that information to restore the image. This feature is simple and customizable, so you can even manually direct the blur path detection in a specific direction. With this feature, you can now restore integrity to blurred images and recover pictures and moments that you may have otherwise lost.

Photoshop CC's new Smart Sharpen tool

Highlights: The Smart Sharpen tool is an enhancement of the familiar Sharpening tool. It can sharpen images similarly as before, but with the added benefit of having minimal noise and halos

New Camera Raw features and implementation

Highlights: Camera Raw can now be applied as a layer to images and videos, instead of only being applied only when opening images. It also has an advanced healing brush for correcting non-circular areas of an image, a new tool called Upright that automatically corrects perspective distortions in horizons,

Photoshop CC will be available to all customers beginning June 2013.

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The future of Adobe: Subscription-only

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On Monday, Adobe has released news that they are pushing exclusively for their new subscription-based Creative Cloud model, and will no longer be updating the perpetual licenses of the Creative Suite software. What does this mean for you? Suites such as and , as well as individual programs like or , will still be available to purchase as a perpetual license; however, they will not be upgraded any further from their current versions (CS6). All new versions of the Creative Suites - commonly referred as CS7 or CS-Next - will be dubbed to "CC" (as in Photoshop CC), and will be supported and released on the Cloud platform only.


With that said, is Cloud appropriate for you or your organization? Below are some of the top questions for Adobe Creative Cloud that can help you make your decision.

Will perpetual licenses still be available?
Yes. Adobe has stated that they will continue selling CS6 (the current version) indefinitely at their current price point.

What are the perks of Creative Cloud?
For a nominal annual fee, you are given access to the entire suite of Adobe products - this includes Acrobat, Lightroom, in addition to the staples such as Photoshop, and Illustrator. You will also be getting Cloud-only products such as Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge. Additionally, every time Adobe releases a new product or update (which appears to be annually, based on previous statements), you are automatically entitled to that and have the option to do so.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use it?
With Creative Cloud, your programs will be downloaded and installed directly on your computer, so you won't need an ongoing Internet connection to use them on a daily basis. The only time you need to be online is when you initially install and license your software. If you have an annual membership, you'll be asked to connect to the web to validate your software licenses every 30 days. However, you'll be able to still use products for 99 days even if you're unable to do this validation process.

Will all my files be lost if I don't pay?
If you cancel your paid membership, you will still have access to the Cloud storage under the free level of membership, which provides 2GB of storage. You will have a 90-day grace period to download your files to your local machine, and delete online files to get your cloud storage down to 2GB. Additionally, you can purchase additional storage separately if you choose. If you leave more than 2GB of files in your cloud storage for more than 90 days, you may lose access to some or all of your files. If you save the files onto your computer (which you should!), you'll still retain access and will be able to open them with compliant software.

Do I have to download and install everything in the Cloud?
No. Creative Cloud lets you install each application individually whenever it works best for you. Mix and match whatever you want - you have the freedom to choose which applications to install.

Is the fee monthly or annual?
Creative Cloud for teams offers the best price and will require an annual commitment. The fee will need to be paid up-front.

How many installations do I get?
Like the perpetual licenses, you will receive two (2) installations per license. You cannot have them active simultaneously.

Is it compatible with Mac or Windows?
Creative Cloud is compatible with both platforms. When downloading the application manager, it'll automatically detect your operating system and choose the correct platform. As a minimum, you will need either Windows 7 or Mac OSX v10.7.

With Creative Cloud, you'll have the same top tier tools as industry professionals. You don't have to worry about compatibility issues, feature differences, nor do you have to deal with the staggering cost of upgrading. By effectively normalizing what license every user has, you can streamline your training process, follow guides without uncertainty, and treat software as an operating expense, rather than as a capital expense.

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