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Reiterating , Adobe is shifting all its efforts on Creative Cloud and putting a hold on its perpetual licensing development indefinitely. The only perpetual Adobe licenses that will be available are those that are out right now, so if you're uncomfortable with the idea of moving forward with the subscription model, you can rest assured that CS6 will become and remain the baseline for all Adobe products.To get the newest Adobe products you'll have to subscribe to the Cloud, and consequently, the familiar Creative Suites (CS) are being rebranded to Creative Cloud (CC).

Adobe has unveiled the newest generation of Photoshop; from Photoshop CS6 comes Photoshop CC. It boasts a number of new upgrades, but the main ones are the new camera blur reduction/sharpening tool, new Camera Raw functionailities, and the merging of features that were found in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Extended CS6, including the 3D and image analysis tools. Below are some of the new features of Photoshop CC:

Photoshop CC's new camera shake reduction feature

Highlights: with the camera shake reduction, Photoshop CC can use fancy algorithms to intelligently auto detect the path of the blur and use that information to restore the image. This feature is simple and customizable, so you can even manually direct the blur path detection in a specific direction. With this feature, you can now restore integrity to blurred images and recover pictures and moments that you may have otherwise lost.

Photoshop CC's new Smart Sharpen tool

Highlights: The Smart Sharpen tool is an enhancement of the familiar Sharpening tool. It can sharpen images similarly as before, but with the added benefit of having minimal noise and halos

New Camera Raw features and implementation

Highlights: Camera Raw can now be applied as a layer to images and videos, instead of only being applied only when opening images. It also has an advanced healing brush for correcting non-circular areas of an image, a new tool called Upright that automatically corrects perspective distortions in horizons,

Photoshop CC will be available to all customers beginning June 2013.

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